24-11-2022 Prema entha madhuram zee telugu Serial

Prema entha madhuram serial 24-11-2022 episode prema entha madhuram today serial prema entha madhuram serial online 24/11/2022 prema entha madhuram

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Actors, Actress Anu - Varsha HK, Arya Vardhan - Sriram Venkat, Ram Jagan, Vishwa Mohan, Karam, Anusha Santosh, Bangalore Padma, Director - Lalit Mohan, Music By - Sunaad Gowtham


Prema Entha Madhuram is a mature take on the age-old romance story. The story of the show follows a middle-aged man named Arya Vardhan. He is a successful businessman and runs a huge office. But despite all his success, Arya is somewhat lonely as he is growing old day by day. Anu is a young woman with great aspirations to make it big. She has just joined the company of Arya. Anu is very sincere with her job and takes her work very seriously. Her family wants to get her married to a good boy. Since Arya and Anu work together on projects for a long time, they start developing feelings for each other. Soon both fall in love with each other. They keep their relationship to avoid any conflicts. But soon, they both decide to get married and now have to face the scrutiny of society.

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